Siri. An exercise is frustration. Of hope over experience. Even with custom shortcuts recorded against my voice it’s still deaf.

Good job Microsoft.
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The Brexit experiment hasn’t worked. There is no workable exit for the UK which doesn’t directly negatively impact the UK, regardless of future promises, transitions and negotiations. The government should Revoke Article 50 and let the UK lead in Europe, not be leaving Europe.

Astonishing live natural history by BBC in Blue Planet Live, broadcasting from seas around Australia, Mexico and the Bahamas. Hoping to film various sea creatures. Did I mention this was live?

Democracy is based on voting for people to who are experts, or can listen to experts, not only to Represent but to Lead the people. What is undemocratic is for those same Representatives to ignore the facts and pursue self interest over true Leadership.

I love when any product still has the opportunity to surprise and delight, and this evening it’s the turn of Launchbar.

Lord Heseltine on the People’s Vote March:

I believe passionately that at a time when the far-right is on the rise in Hungary and Poland and populists growing in influence in Italy, France, Germany and Holland, Britain is needed to provide leadership in Europe.

For the majority of my career in politics that is a role we have played with skill, intelligence and integrity – it breaks my heart to see us threatening to walk away from it now.