My continuing bemusement with the cesspool that is Twitter continues. The same user who told be to “go f**k youself”, has now sent a screenshot of my follow count and blocked my account. This beyond words and comprehension. I’m blocked by a troll. To insult someone, then suggest that they are somehow better than you…

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There is nothing social about social media.

This evening I was the Apple Watch commercial with synchronised swimmers and athletes swimming in pools and in the sea. But I just can’t bring myself to think about wearing in the shower, let alone a pool. I’ll even remove it when I bath the dog. Just yesterday I found that the shiny back of…

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Another confession. I’ve seen Iron Man, and Iron Man 3 but no other Marvel or Avengers movie. First I’ve heard of End Game was after the release date.

I’ve a confession. I’ve not seen any of Game of Thrones. None.

Woof Woof. Clean bowl. Good breakfast apparently.

Another evening spoiled by our idiot neighbour. Tonight he’s sitting at a firepit, sheltered from the driving rain, with the smoke drifting into our house via every window and air vent. 7 weeks until we move house…

Children should be seen but not heard. It’s only as an adult you appreciate the meaning of this. The shouting. The screaming. The kicking a ball against our garden fence. Give me peace.