I’m so enjoying re-watching Dire Straits Alchemy Live, recorded from Sky Arts a few weeks ago. I can still remember getting hold of an audio tape (bootleg-of-a-bootleg-of…) one lunch hour in ‘86 or ‘87, bought the CD when I had my first CD player, and I reckon I know every note. So it’s awesome to see them in on-stage, even if the lighting is terrible. Found the BlueRay on Amazon.

Hoping from something worthwhile in terms of Mac hardware from WWDC in 2 weeks, with MrsP hopefully treating me to a new MacBook something? for my upcoming birthday.

We spent the first few years buying plants, trees and soil home to transform our small space it a real garden. But 10 years later I feel like all we’re going to be doing now is hacking through the undergrowth, removing roots, stems and branches.

Patrick Melrose ★★★★

Benedict Cumberbatch ★★★★★

Unbelievable performance and very enjoyable 1st episode.

Definitely worth a watch, although I’d not recommend trying to match Patrick drink for drink!

I’ve recently installed the iOS Icro app by Martin Hartl for posting on Micro.blog. Personally I’m not a fan of the pale pink colour scheme, but that’s just my preference. It does enable zooming in on posted images, something I routinely try with the official Micro.blog app even though I know it doesn’t work. Icro…

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