Dear France, the whole point of non-smoking areas in restaurants is that no one is smoking in that area. Next to would be annoying but actually well inside the non-smoking area just shows a complete lack of understanding of the concept.

Looking forward to the joy of the 03:30 alarm and yet another early flight. At least this time it’s not on business but business class.

It seems the French approach to offering English language website translations is limited to the website menus.

Feeling overwhelmed today, with so many things to take in and facing an uncertain future. Trying to be optimistic and looking forwards to a brighter future but the there’s a lot of very hard and difficult weeks and months to come.

Over the last few weeks I’ve realised how much blogging, even micro-blogging, hasn’t yet become muscle memory. When I get super busy it’s one of the first things I forget to make time for. There’s no mental capacity to blog anything or read anyone’s content. So I need to get back on the horse…

PDF forms are just designed to infuriate.

If my 2019 resolution was to post more content that I’ve lost. The last 2 weeks have been a blur but I hope to get back on the saddle, both in posting, reading and enjoying the resulting conversations.

Dear Microsoft. I speak English but I don’t live the USA. Please stop randomly changing the default language on MS Office to US English with all your use of Z and absence of U.

Home. That’s 2 consecutive weeks I’ve started with travel 3 out of 5 days. I’ll actually be glad to be in the office for 5 days next week.