As follow-up to a recent post, it would given recent conversations with Mrs P (CFO) there’re an Apple branded box somewhere under the tree.

My week started with a simple question: “What would you like for your Christmas? What about that ‘apple mac book’ you were talking about a few months ago?” What about that adorable 12” MacBook, indeed. Well back in October Apple kept MacBook unchanged but released a whole new MacBook Air, and my tech-lust was immediately…

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Microsoft, I didn’t willing return to your god forsaken software. It crashed. Again.

Clearing out the drinks cupboard. The best kind of pre-Christmas clear-out.

Since I’ve been using my iPad Air2 a lot this week I’m back to thinking again about the 11” iPad Pro. But other the larger screen I really I’ve yet to see what I’d get for my money. I’d have no use for the pencil, and can’t imagine I’d be pushing that fast CPU anytime soon.

Target display mode is the naughty little girl which lives in your iMac:

When she was good,

She was very good indeed,

But when she was bad she was horrid.

It’s been rock solid reliable for the last 3 hours, then failed and now won’t reconnect.

I’m happier with my re-worked WordPress site(s), and their place relative to my activity. My challenge was that I had multiple conflicting requirements. Micro blogging to both and my hosted blog. Micro blogging to only, using the platform as a social network. Longer form titled posts to Longer form titled posts…

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My bank still asks me to talk to a human to setup Apple Pay. So I phone them, enter my account number, sort code, security code and then wait on hold…. then I give them my name, my card number, date of birth. They confirm it’s setup, but proceed to send me a physical letter…

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