It says a lot when the Brexit deal under discussion is a 500page document but the original Brexit promise was a limited number of vague soundbites and a slogan written on the side of a bus

I’ve completely fallen in love with Plex. I’ve had an account for over a year, but never took full advantage of it until now.

Missed the course in the digital economy, in particular the one that serves the big companies. Only just learned that of my automatic and assumed acceptance of a bid on eBay, rather than my approval of their offer. As I said, this suits eBay if not the seller.

Jo Johnson describes Brexit as an Democratic travesty”. Cornyn: “We can’t stop it, the referendum took place”. It’s pathetic that the only opposition is from with the government.

Trialling Mailmate for macOS mail. Looks great and supports writing in Markdown. Feels like I’ve hardly scratched the surface of the app’s capabilities.

PowerPic. Brilliant design from Twelve South.

Black & White TV, not HD or HDR:

A total of 7,161 UK households have failed to start watching in colour despite transmissions starting in 1967.

Installed Scriptable to my iPad. All I need now is to know JavaScript.