Patrick Melrose ★★★★

Benedict Cumberbatch ★★★★★

Unbelievable performance and very enjoyable 1st episode.

Definitely worth a watch, although I’d not recommend trying to match Patrick drink for drink!

I’ve recently installed the iOS Icro app by Martin Hartl for posting on Personally I’m not a fan of the pale pink colour scheme, but that’s just my preference. It does enable zooming in on posted images, something I routinely try with the official app even though I know it doesn’t work. Icro…

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I’m looking forward to drafts 5. I can see this turning into a text editor and not just a place for me to capture text then transfer it to another app.

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From the BBC Speaking to the BBC at the event, Labour peer Lord Adonis said: “People want a say… It was a vote in the dark two years ago. “No-one had any idea what the consequences of Brexit were going to be.”

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Tim Cook says Facebook should have regulated itself, but it’s too late for that now according to recode : Apple CEO Tim Cook has doubled down on his call for regulation that would limit Facebook and others companies’ ability to use customer data. Speaking to Recode’s Kara Swisher and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Cook said he’d…

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