Conflicted. Travelling tomorrow and I need to take the MacBook Pro, but also want to take my new iPad Pro, even if I never use it. Just a lot to carry.

Well it was wonderful while it lasted, but the 6am call beckons and back to the grindstone for 2019…

Minnie won’t eat her dinner, despite being mixed in with leftover fillet steak. But add some beef slices intended for sandwiches and it’s gone faster than you can say “dog’s dinner”.

Combing Hogmanay with “Hug Minnie”, and hoping for no repeat of last year’s fireworks which upset her.

According to The Guardian, No-deal Brexit ferry company owns no ships, has never run Channel service, owes £13.8M. Oh but the brother of one of the company Executives donated £1M to the Conservative Party so it must be ok then.

I love, love, love the new iPad Pro. Despite only 1 week’s use I can confirm the views of many others that the hardware is excellent but the software let’s it down. But in use with an external keyboard (i.e. now) I’d love to have trackpad or mouse support. The idea of touching the screen…

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So to recap on the last decade: Government deregulation of the banks to drive up home ownership creates a fiscal bubble The bubble bursts Governments bail out the banks to prevent sudden loss of home ownership People blame the banks for crisis, overlooking the decades of obtainable mortgages and cheap credit cards People blame the…

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Those who voted in Brexit believed they were getting Unicorn, a mythical state which doesn’t exist. They’re now screaming about the necessary compromises but unwilling to believe that it is in fact lunacy, despite the months of mounting evidence.