Siri really fails when you have no voice, just a croak.


Odd that the first thing I notice on this menu is the rendering of the fonts. Not just the Pork which has been added or changed inserting scanned text, but font rendering across the file.

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Still feeling the effects of what was almost an all-nighter. Up working till 3am, then backup at 6am to walk the dog and finish off before the 12pm deadline. But made it. Just.

Following from my earlier post, I like this blog short post on this issues and the need to protect our planet. This is an important issue and needs much, much more attention.

It’s madness that you can look at train options from, e.g. LNER, and be presented by a Transpennine service. Just another example of why the railways don’t function.

Very clever and emotive advertisement which deserves every one of it’s view counts. We all need act to stop this.