What year is this?

A positive message on “social” media will get a couple of likes. But an opinion results in everyone who disagrees telling you why they disagree, even if they’re answer matches everyone else’s. And there’s no such thing as the last word.

For those outside of the UK, official communications between Member’s of Parliament aren’t verbal soundbites or intelligible text strings on Twitter. This old school. This is classy. Official communications are typed on headed notepaper, and signed in wet ink. True scanned digital copies are then posted via news and social media, but I do still…

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My continuing bemusement with the cesspool that is Twitter continues. The same user who told be to “go f**k youself”, has now sent a screenshot of my follow count and blocked my account. This beyond words and comprehension. I’m blocked by a troll. To insult someone, then suggest that they are somehow better than you…

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There is nothing social about social media.

This evening I was the Apple Watch commercial with synchronised swimmers and athletes swimming in pools and in the sea. But I just can’t bring myself to think about wearing in the shower, let alone a pool. I’ll even remove it when I bath the dog. Just yesterday I found that the shiny back of…

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Another confession. I’ve seen Iron Man, and Iron Man 3 but no other Marvel or Avengers movie. First I’ve heard of End Game was after the release date.

I’ve a confession. I’ve not seen any of Game of Thrones. None.