I’m still really not enjoying dance of reorganising apps and folders on iOS 12. I’m really hoping this gets fixed in iOS 13. After 5 minutes of trying to move the Micro.blog app to folder on my dock I’ve given up. It can live in it’s current place for a few more weeks at least.

I’ve learned that on the 12.9 iPad Pro (2018) you can stick the Apple Pencil inverted, with tip near the right edge. The magnetic adhesion is strong enough to hold the Pencil there, without the needless constant charging.

I like running my work-issued MacBook to my iMac using target display mode. But the cable or MacBook only has to move fractions of a millimetre for the signal to be lost.

Notice image retention on my iMac. Now can’t unsee it.

Opened my MacBook to find my entire document has resorted to Times New Roman font. But then it is Microsoft Word like it’s 1999. I’m expecting Clippy to reappear any second to help me.

Watched “Happiness”. Very clever if ultimately depressing.

Found Lost Boys playing some random channel. Everyone looks so young, both the adult actors and the child actors.