Or that is, reconnected.

Moving home is hard. Nothing about it is easy. There are hidden fees, opaque legal practises and unforeseen time delays which are completely outside of your control.

But then you move in. You start to unpack. To turn the strange house into your home.

This being 2019 you need to get online. It’s simply an essential function to be able to be notified of all those hidden fees your lawyer has charged you (and countless others that day)1. So you get online in any way possible: at work, in coffee shops and tethering from your phone. As quickly possible you contact your preferred broadband provider, select a package and the wait. And wait. And wait.

So after 10 days I’m happy to be reconnected.

  1. Let’s be clear, the first time the lawyer conducted the legal transaction it cost them a fortune. It may cost them dearly every now and then. But this is like the pharmaceutical industry: the 1st pill is tremendously expensive but the 2nd, 3rd etc costs practically nothing at all.