July 2019

Opened my MacBook to find my entire document has resorted to Times New Roman font. But then it is Microsoft Word like it’s 1999. I’m expecting Clippy to reappear any second to help me.

Watched “Happiness”. Very clever if ultimately depressing.

Found Lost Boys playing some random channel. Everyone looks so young, both the adult actors and the child actors.

There’s something disturbing about advertising on the top of the fuel filler nozzles at the garage. But even more disturbing when it’s ads for vaping products. Cause that’s really what you need to be thinking about when pouring litres of flammable liquid.

On seeing BBC News reporting Japan resumes commercial whaling, my thoughts immediately turn to what can the world stop buying from Japanese companies. Sadly the countries largest exports appear to be in Vehicles and “Machinery including computers”, so nothing which anyone buys in significant enough volumes to have a real impact. It’s so sad, and…

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