June 2019

I’m regretting selling my mini-Disc portable and HiFi unit years ago. There’s something to be said for small, portable but tangible hardware like that.

I think it will be years before we see noticeable changes, and not just because of the product design and development timescales for 2019-21 products but also because of his institutional influence on everyone under him. Everyone who’s been successfully carving out a career in Apple’s design team has done so by keeping within the…

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The sound of distant thunder…

I love my AirPods, but only to a point. As useful as our devices are, they should never creates barrier to real people and real life. Digiday.com

France hits record temperature of 45.9C (114.6F) according to BBC. But climate change is fake news, so that’s all right then.

In travelling to central Europe with Apple Watch 4 with a Carrot Weather complication I’ve seen just how Red the temperature can be. It makes a change to make it out of various shade of Turquoise.

Arriving at EuroAirport is seeing the efficiency of European cooperation in action. An airport which spans and serves 3 countries: Switzerland, France, and Germany.

Maybe I’m just not the right demographic for it but I can’t look at Swiping Keyboards and not think that this has got to be the most inefficient, buggy and frustrating method of text entry. I just seems impossibly awkward to use.

Since installing AutoSleep and wearing my watch to bed I’ve been able to my “Sleep Bank” but this has rarely been out of debt. I’m actually thinking it’s just not possible to consistently be in credit.

Donald Trump arrives for three-day UK state visit, reports
BBC News. Just as well I’m heading out of the country…