OS Stability & Functionality is Key

I use my iPad. I’m writing this very post from an iPad.

However I find it maddening to read and hear those who’ve found the workarounds that allow them to use iOS openly laugh at the stability of the macOS platform like that’s a bad thing. They’ll complain about all the immature items with iOS all the obvious faults which Apple seems to be unable or unwilling to fix then mention the Mac as an after thought.

It’s like you’re old uncle who prefers working on his classic car which routinely fails to start and spends 3 hours preparing for 15 minute journey, scoffing at the dependable car his neighbor’s just bought.

iOS may be part of the future of Apple’s computing platforms but it falls short of the capabilities demonstrated by the Mac for multiple decades, and there’s no expectation for iOS resolve these issues this year. Perhaps the next decade will see Apple close the gap.