Schrödinger’s Watch

This evening I was the Apple Watch commercial with synchronised swimmers and athletes swimming in pools and in the sea. But I just can’t bring myself to think about wearing in the shower, let alone a pool. I’ll even remove it when I bath the dog.

Just yesterday I found that the shiny back of my Apple Watch Series 4 was looking a little less than polished, unsurprisingly given it’s in contact with my skin for 16-18 hours a day. So I took great care to moisten (not wet) a clean cloth and gently rub it clean. Then take a clean towel and gently dry if off, checking that there was no lint or dust left on the surface.

Now Apple publish the IP ratings and can run all the Ads they want. As an engineer I’ve specified IP (ingress protection) ratings, conducted tests, and signed off product specifications. But not on my own dime.

I just can’t get over the fact that the seals between the materials are man-made and therefore imperfect. Afterall the digital crown is a precisely weighted, infinitely rotating dial which can (presumably) fail like a MacBook spacebar key if subject to ingress of foreign material such as lint, dust or water. And, less we forget, the 2 giant speaker slots on the side of device which is mercifully silent for the all but the occasional Dick Tracey style phonecall which I answer with 200x speed “I’ll call you back!”

I can see the convenience in not having to remove my wrist computer to wash the car, or take a shower. But I can’t justify the cost of running the experiment.