May 2019

I still think the popularity of dark mode apps on iOS is driven by a desire to hide the notch and those rounded corners.

Found that the airline has changed a flight next week, bring it forward by 3 hours. So an early but not crazy 8.30am flight is now an eye-watering 5.30am flight. Fantastic.

Even better is that this is the 1st of 3 flights over the day, so my 2hr layover is now a 5hr layover to flight No2. Doubly fantastic.

Killing Eve Season 2 is “coming soon”.

Thanks BBC PR. That’s deliberately vague.

Fingers open Tweetbot…
Eyes Read…
Brain Processes… Don’t Take the Bait!!!

I use my iPad. I’m writing this very post from an iPad. However I find it maddening to read and hear those who’ve found the workarounds that allow them to use iOS openly laugh at the stability of the macOS platform like that’s a bad thing. They’ll complain about all the immature items with iOS…

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If I find who’s setting off fireworks in the daylight and causing such distress to our and other dogs, then so help me….

Not pulling any punches writing about the end of May’s premiership

Brexit was based on the idea that downsides do not exist, that trade-offs are a conspiracy, and that simple answers can be given to complex problems. Every single one of these propositions is false. The moment it turned from poetry to prose, from rhetoric to reality, from campaign slogans to legal documents, the lie was revealed.

What year is this?

A positive message on “social” media will get a couple of likes. But an opinion results in everyone who disagrees telling you why they disagree, even if they’re answer matches everyone else’s. And there’s no such thing as the last word.

For those outside of the UK, official communications between Member’s of Parliament aren’t verbal soundbites or intelligible text strings on Twitter. This old school. This is classy. Official communications are typed on headed notepaper, and signed in wet ink. True scanned digital copies are then posted via news and social media, but I do still…

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