The blame-game of the last decade

So to recap on the last decade:

  • Government deregulation of the banks to drive up home ownership creates a fiscal bubble
  • The bubble bursts
  • Governments bail out the banks to prevent sudden loss of home ownership
  • People blame the banks for crisis, overlooking the decades of obtainable mortgages and cheap credit cards
  • People blame the current government for mess
  • Governments blame foreign Governments
  • People blame foreigners, the poor and immigrants. But especially immigrants.
  • People vote for right-wing parties pushing xenophobic policies

So the next decade is set to begin with:

  • The US spending $5.7Bn building walls, not helping people
  • The UK exiting a Union which has enabled the very growth which enable the bank bailout

Let’s hope 2019 is the year we can turn this ship around.