An Adorable iPad

My week started with a simple question:

“What would you like for your Christmas? What about that ‘apple mac book’ you were talking about a few months ago?”

What about that adorable 12” MacBook, indeed.

Well back in October Apple kept MacBook unchanged but released a whole new MacBook Air, and my tech-lust was immediately redirected from the 12” MacBook towards the MacBook Air. 2 USB-C ports are indeed better than 1. And that screen, a Retina display in a MacBook Air.

But then in no time at all Apple did exactly what they were predicted to do and announce whole new iPad Pro devices. Now, I like iOS but I love macOS so kind of switched off at this point as they weren’t really doing anything for me. However I have to confess, my opinion has shifted considerably under the weight of strong opinions in favour of the new hardware.

Now some weeks later in early December, I will confess that I now really love the look of the new iPad Pro. It looks adorable. However I have to agree with recent narrative on iOS 12. That whilst the hardware excels, the software falls short. For me, macOS continues to win-out in features and functionality. My heart lies with macOS.

In terms of how I use the iPad, there’s nothing I’ve found to distinguish the iPad “Pro” from my current “non-Pro” iPad Air 2. Additionally, I’ve no use for an Apple Pencil. Well not exactly. I’ve no need for an Apple Pencil but I’m sure I’d want a Pencil if I had an iPad which supported one.

So what about any tech purchases this Christmas? It’s almost a now or never (or at least not for a long time) decision.

Well I’ve been mentally back and forth over this, and my head is winning out over my heart. My heart continues to push me towards a Mac (Air or otherwise) however my head notes that this is very much an additional computer. A sitting on the sofa computer. A reading, shopping and blogging computer. A familiar but different requirement from the Mac I sit at all day long.

My head also looks at this late 2018 splurge, and the positioning of Apple’s (portable) computer line-up, which interns of ascending cost are iPad, iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. A MacBook Pro is overkill for my needs, and risks competing with my 27” iMac in any future upgrade on my limited budget. An iPad offers no significant upgrade from the iPad Air 2 I’m using to write this post.

Whilst there is some overlap in MacBook Air and iPad Pro price range, there’s no overlap in performance. Much has been made of the iPad Pro’s A12 CPU delivering incredible benchmarks, whilst the new MacBook Air limps along with one of Intel’s mobile CPUs. So in terms of bang for my buck, or power for my pound, I think the iPad Pro wins out.

Of course, this could well be academic. The question so frequently asked at this time of year doesn’t frequently come with a 4-digit price tag. Plus given the 555 words I’ve written on this iPad Air 2 with Logitech bluetooth keyboard, it’s perfectly arguable that should get socks, and like them.

Everyone needs socks.