November 2018

Black & White TV, not HD or HDR:

A total of 7,161 UK households have failed to start watching in colour despite transmissions starting in 1967.

Installed Scriptable to my iPad. All I need now is to know JavaScript.

C’mon America, you can do it!

For the 4th night in a row we have fireworks going off every few seconds. It’s really not fair for Minnie or any other pets.

I’m really starting to use the hell out of drafts dictate function… Even if it does get a few things wrong

My experience of Siri shortcuts is frustrated by Siri’s inability to launch shortcuts when the phone is locked

Someone is setting off World War III outside. Anyone who has animals will tell you that fireworks aren’t fun. There’s less “ohhh” and “ahhh”, and more whimpering and uncontrollable shaking. It’s distressing.

It’s incredible that the UK still has no policy in place to limit the use of fireworks. Anyone with pets knows all too well the terror they endure at this time of year.

I’m feeling ever so slightly conflicted about Apple’s new line-up. Whilst I feel significantly more at home on macOS than iOS this is largely because this is where I’m spending my time at work, sitting at my desk, at my MacBook Pro. Moving my focus between multiple apps on a large screen, moving content between…

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Recently the blog has taken a backseat to other activities, both personal and professional. Hope to change this in the coming weeks.