October 2018

My previous cryptic post was perhaps too short and without context, even for a microblog. Word of Today: Benign. But this wasn’t pulled from some web search, or a random dictionary search. Rather this was the opinion of my doctor. Obviously I’m very happy to hear the “B word”, and not the “M”, “T” or…

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Today we learned that we can’t feed the dog sausages and then have her in the car. At least not without opening the windows…

It’s difficult to believe that there are still web developers asking users to “confirm email”, as if copy and paste doesn’t exist. This goes back to email was the default login and security mechanism. Before password managers. Before 2-factor authentication. Now this looks like some leftover from when the web, was just a toddler.

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Word of Today: Benign.

Despite the (absence of) rumours, I have not stopped micro blogging. Instead it’s been a fortnight of super highs and the lowest lows.

I’ve been experimenting with Shortcuts on iOS, both the creation and operation of the routines. However I haven’t yet found a suitable mechanism for running Shortcuts by touch.

It’s been the worst 7 days I’ve ever known. Unexpected. Indescribable. A nightmare. However, even though it’s not over yet, it’s time to move on if I can. If we can.

It’s not that we have a dog. Rather that the dog residing at this address has a staff attending to her every need.

We’ve been home at catching up for a couple of days. It’s not the hotel wifi was bad, more closer to non existent. A connection isn’t really a connection when the speed is throttled to dial-up rates and the link can disappear at a moments notice.