September 2018

Clearing my OmniFocus doesn’t automatically clear my head. There’s still the mental cache which I need to clear before I can feel the release from getting more in control. But it’s a good start.

I do enjoy a day which includes a couple of beers at lunchtime. But I do pay for it when evening comes around.

Aww I loved Smokey and the Bandit when I was a kid

Another day where evening roles around and I only have the mental capacity for the shortest of status updates. Today was continuous and unrelenting. Not hard, or difficult, just without a break.

Damn! How did it get this late? And I’ve managed to miss having more apple pie. I hope it stays fresh until tomorrow…

The “gross betrayal” was actually committed in 2016 when the electorate was clearly and consistently lied to by politicians with greater self interest than interest in the future of this country.

Comedians should stick to comedy. I cringe when I see successful comedians thinking that they can also act, dance – or worse – sing.

The King’s Speech. Rewatched this when it just appeared on tonight. Fantastic story about trials over adversity. Faultless performances. I’d really forgotten just how good it really is.