September 2018

I continue to feel like an old man. I like buttons not gestures.

My Apple Watch records 18hrs of continuous “Stand” then helpfully encourages me to close my ring. Not tonight Jony.

MacRumors claiming USB-C on 2018 iPad Pro. I can’t see this happening. It both seems too early in the development of the product, but the current MacBooks underline the lack of a mature USB ecosystem.

This weekend we finally committed to overhaul of our small home office. This will be a modest change in the furniture but a worthwhile one. Can’t wait.

Minnie’s version of playing with a ball in the park: I through the ball. We both walk towards the ball. Minnie run’s the last few metres, takes the ball and won’t give it back. I get it, through the ball… then I have to walk to collect it.

My iOS workflow could use some work…