Notes and Journaling

I’ve been thinking about the utility in tracking days, both journaling and notes. I need a greater ability to look back with clarity.

The obvious routes are digital, for example through DayOne or paper on any number of notebooks or diaries.

For me there’s no question that I for a journal prefer a DayOne style digital, searchable, tag and image supporting experience to paper.

However for taking notes, particularly in front of other people, I think that paper notes are more appropriate and approachable. Whilst digital enables endless edits I’ve found that also adds a level of distraction as I’m pulled towards capturing every word. Paper also removes any ambiguity with other people assuming you’re taking notes (even if you’re not).

Where there’s a gap is in note taking outside the context of work and where the distinction between the benefits of digital vs paper forms are blurred. Where the the content is more notes and scribbles rather than a journal. In the former I’m naturally thinking of resulting tasks and actions rather than the nature of the event. But this is exactly where I’m missing something is in those moments which might, just might, be useful to look back on.