September 2018

The rare moment of working hotel WiFi. Although it is true, I have better things to do than be on my iPhone…

First of first-world problems is trying to fit hours of video into a now ancient iPad which has only 64Gb of storage.

Rather than charge for fast-track security airports should spot-fine those who clog-up the belts by leaving empty trays on the belt

iOS 12 installed. Measure filed in Siberia together with Stocks and Tips.

Stickers are the work of the devil. Just got done cleaning up the residue of stickers applied to a suitcase by airlines.

I’ve been thinking about the utility in tracking days, both journaling and notes. I need a greater ability to look back with clarity. The obvious routes are digital, for example through DayOne or paper on any number of notebooks or diaries. For me there’s no question that I for a journal prefer a DayOne style…

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That moment why you notice your phone’s battery is at 1%…

Drafts support for WordPress. This is fantastic.