August 2018

A Friday night used to be the high-point of my week. Now I can barely function after 5pm on a Friday.

One day closer to vacation 2018. But still weeks away.

I’m considering a new blog, posting every time a Microsoft Office application crashes and needs top be Forced to Quit.

the only good thing about BREXIT is the BBC’s logo

Video of the Korean reunions shows both our capacity for love and ability for incredibly cruelty.

“You have forced – insert name of Microsoft application here – to quit”. Such a complete absence of quality control. When I was a Windows user I had to live with system failures, at least now it’s only applications.

In reply to Shahid Kamal’s article on the MacBook Pro this is clearly a miss-step, but I think it’s one driven by Business not purely Design. My guess is Apple’s sales data suggests market saturation so in order to show growth they’ve sought to bump up the average selling price (ASP). Adding the A-series chip…

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