The MacBook Pro Business

In reply to Shahid Kamal’s article on the MacBook Pro this is clearly a miss-step, but I think it’s one driven by Business not purely Design. My guess is Apple’s sales data suggests market saturation so in order to show growth they’ve sought to bump up the average selling price (ASP).

Adding the A-series chip for Touch ID was underusing it’s capabilities, pushing them towards the touch bar. Fine idea, except it’s use is in conflict with it’s intended user base: the cheaper non-touch bar model will be bought by the consumers who would benefit from the touch bar, while professionals familiar with short cut keys have no use for it. Whilst Apple intended this to add value and justify the price, it’s completely miss-judged.

However I’ll grant you that the keyboard arrangement is clearly a Design choice with the new arrow keys looking more symmetric. All Design is compromise but Apple’s failure was in not focusing on usability, and valuing the feedback from their own developers.