July 2018

Those that pushed for Brexit either lied during the campaign or have been guilty of corruption elsewhere, yet we’re expected to believe this will be a good thing.

BBC News reporting a trial of CT scanners could end the ban on liquid ok aircraft: The new computerised tomography (CT) scanners have also reportedly been tested at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and John F Kennedy airport in New York. It comes five years after the European Commission said it hoped the restrictions across Europe could…

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If only I could capture the smell as easily as the sight of this Americano…

Cameras at gig panned across the audience (before the start) and found a guy with a Trump Lego figure. The audience booed.

I think I’ve turned the act of ignoring badges on my iPhone’s homescreen into an art form. My brains doesn’t even recognise them as something awaiting my attention.

Now that’s a reaction to Putin visiting The Whitehouse

A guy across the train from me has an external drive velcro’d to the back of the screen of his MacBook Air. I really don’t know what to say about that. It’s both ingenious and gross.

I’m frequently surprised to see how little I’ve posted to micro.blog and then realise that I’ve been engaged in conversations rather than publishing original posts.