At the click of a button

I accept that I may regret this statement in the future, but I think I still think my iPhone 6S is close to perfect.

I’m reminded of this now as I “clicked” the home button not with the print of my finger, but the tip of my thumb and felt the click as it moved back and registered, the home screen appearing without needless animation (disabled of course).

Whilst I may come to love the direction Apple has taken the iPhone with the X, the 6S has both a real home button and 2nd generation fast finger print sensor. Plus there’s an uncompromised display, without rounded corners or content tucked in the left/right top corners in an effort to say “look using all the screen, honest I am.

Perhaps when I eventually switch to a iPhone X (or perhaps one later than that) I’ll recognise the utility or a device which recognises my face as me and unlocks even when my hands are wet. But right now, this device is close to perfection.