To be honest…

It’s a funny expression. As if dishonesty is something commonplace, normal practise and honesty needs a prefix.

However I’ve came to realise I need to be more honest. My lies and deceit have become so much of a habit I don’t even recognise it.

Before you question what I’m so dishonest about and what I’ve been keeping secret I should immediately clarify that I’m referring to not being honest with myself. In particular I’m consistently optimistic over my standard of work, how much I can take on, and how quickly I can deliver it. This is a simple imbalance of Quantity and Quality.

I’ve established a solid method of capturing every action, both personal and professional. I regularly reach Inbox Zero in email and my OmniFocus inbox. Of course just because I’ve captured an item doesn’t provide the bandwidth to complete the action, with multiple projects, priorities, distractions and influences. What I have in my ability to capture actions I lack in my focus to identify key actions and deliver them.

This is a Game, and I’m Losing.

However acknowledgement of a problem is half the way to resolving it, but the other 50% will be a challenge of habit just as much as practicality.

I’m working to force myself into looking at actions not as a list of actions to get through that day/morning/afternoon/evening but as a short list from which I select short term, available actions and complete them. Sounds simple but when my OmniFocus regularly has 70-90 items each and every day, and deferring a week makes little difference I’ve realised that something has to change.

Now that I’m admitting this lack of focus and control to myself, I can or rather I must implement a change and do so now, this action cannot be deferred.