July 2018

Only just discovered StarWars the macOS Terminal: “nc towel.blinkenlights.nl 23” Clearly someone has a lot of free time.

Poured 2 wheelbarrow loads of apples from the apple tree into the bin. There’s many more left that the tree is dropping under the load.

Arrived at the venue for the final night of Del Amitri’s 8 show tour over 7 cities, having seen 3 of the gigs already

13mins on hold. Gave up. What’s the point of saying your Customer Service Centre is open on a Sunday when they’re clearly understaffed?

After about 6 weeks without any rain, 2 wet days is immediately depressing. It’s so easy to forget.

I accept that I may regret this statement in the future, but I think I still think my iPhone 6S is close to perfect. I’m reminded of this now as I “clicked” the home button not with the print of my finger, but the tip of my thumb and felt the click as it moved…

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Both this morning and yesterday evening I walked the dog whilst my wife jogged/walked the Couch to 5K. So proud of her.

It says something that people would rather take the time to leave a 1-star review of a $5 app rather that concede they’re not the target market and claim a refund.

It’s a funny expression. As if dishonesty is something commonplace, normal practise and honesty needs a prefix. However I’ve came to realise I need to be more honest. My lies and deceit have become so much of a habit I don’t even recognise it. Before you question what I’m so dishonest about and what I’ve…

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I don’t want anyone to take this the wrong way but this is the 2nd day this week where I’ve came home and opened the wine. But to be fair it is the same bottle.