Since re-awakening my blog, initially on Tumblr, I have been enjoying the discussion on this evening on hosting a blog: the dominant players being WordPress or Tumblr, no surprise there.

This site is (was!) on Tumblr1. But that’s because of 4 things;

  1. low set-up time,
  2. zero cost,
  3. low operational overhead.
  4. lack of any knowledge on hosting, MySQL, php etc etc.

Additionally the here layout is deliberately simple so that my time is spend writing and not managing the blog.

I’ll confess to being tempted in to the potential for setting up a host, and running a static site or a WordPress instance2. But I’m not actually about to invest my time and money there.

The reason any business is successful is because they (the contractor) take on work you (the customer) would be happy to pay for. And the set-up, management and manipulation of a blog is no different. At least not for me.

So whilst WordPress is more capable, Tumblr is for the millennials.

However my hope is that here Tumblr is just the host to the website URL, and it’s the website, and not the Tumblr app which is used.

  1. Since writing this on Tumblr I’ve solved the Markdown issue and moved this to WordPress. 
  2. Not that I currently know how to do any of that, but that’s besides the point.